Bespoke Music On-Hold

Bespoke music on-hold

Bespoke music on hold for your customers

Bespoke music on-hold treats your customers to some uplifting music whilst they wait for their call to go through. Or maybe use the time as an advertising opportunity, promoting sale items or new products that your company is offering?

Our bespoke On-hold music and advertising offers both music and voice. This enables you to choose the option that works best for your business, potentially raising your profile and increasing your sales.

Facts about On-Hold Advertising:

  • 70% of calls are placed On Hold
  • 90% will hang up if they experience silence
  • 30% of those will never call back!
  • On-Hold Advertising keeps your callers on the line up to 3 minutes longer
  • 35% of callers make a purchase based on what they hear while on hold
  • It is 10 time less expensive to sell to your existing clients
  • Executives spend an average of 15 minutes a day on hold. That’s nearly 60 hours a year!

Benefits of On-Hold Advertising:

  • You can reach a captive audience
  • There’s the opportunity to sell products & services
  • You can inform & motivate callers
  • Your business can build brand awareness

On-Hold Advertising really does work!