Cat5e Cat6 Cabling

Cat5e Cat6 cabling

We offer a vast range of network cable solutions for your business, office or home including Cat5e Cat6 cabling, all tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Cat5e & Cat6  Network Cabling

We believe it is imperative in networks and in particular wireless networks to conduct a survey to ensure the best solution. If you would like to arrange a survey, please fill in the contact form on the left and one of our networking experts will contact you.

Networking Products

  • Data cabinets
  • Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a products
  • Network testers
  • Fibre network
  • Network upgrades

Cat5e Cat6 cabling

  • Cable audit and diagnosis of your existing cabling system
  • Consultation and design of network installation
  • New data cabling installations and data cabling upgrades
  • Patching services and cable management
  • Network management and support services including adds, moves and changes
  • Supply of all materials for data cabling installations
  • Patch panels, outlet modules,floor boxes and patch cables

Cat5e Cat6 cabling – some technical details

Cat5e & Cat6 cabling are the industry standard classes of cable to carry signals such as telephony, data and video.

The cables although unshielded from electromagnetic fields rely in the twisted pair design and differential signalling for noise reduction.

The cable is available in both stranded and solid conductive forms. Patch cables such as the one connecting your computer tom the wall socket will be stranded as this type withstands more bending without braking. Permanent wiring is usually solid core.

Cat 6 cable is designed more for high speed data transfer with Cat6A having improved reduction of interference caused by cables routes close to the cable of interest.

Cat6 and Cat6A cable must be properly installed and terminated to meet specifications. The cable cannot be kinked or bent too tightly, the wire pairs must not be untwisted and the outer jacket must not be stripped back too far when installing.

Our engineers have a complete understanding of Cat5, Cat5e, CAt6 and Cat6A cabling and take necessary care to make sure your installation has been done correctly and to specification.

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