Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development can be a key way to maximise your businesses potential. This allows you to have custom software that’s tailored to your businesses exact needs. Using a standard ‘off the shelf’ solution could be very expensive and might not include all the features your business needs. What’s more, it is likely to also contain functions that you will never use and simply confuse users.

Gateway of Technology specialise in developing business applications that meet your exact specification. Your new software package will include everything you’ve asked for, exactly to your specification. Our expertise includes Windows applications, custom database systems and cloud based solutions.

Bespoke Software Design

Custom Software Development – Bespoke Software by Design

Our dedicated team covers all aspects of software engineering provide robust, intuitive software supported by an unprecedented level of on-going customer server.

Custom software development can help your business:

  • Increase data processing speed.
  • Make informed decisions. Using high-quality data displayed in a meaningful way can vastly help you and your business make crucial decisions.
  • Enforce policies and rules across your organisation.
  • Maintain and improve consistence and reliability of business data.
  • Update existing business practices using the latest technology.

Client Server

Client-Server Applications

Using a client-server architecture for your new system means high-availability and redundancy. Examples of such solutions include, invoice production and management across multiple points of sale. A distributed CRM could also adopt this structure meaning members of staff could collaborate on closing sales.

Custom Software Development

Long Term Support

Every software product needs to be maintained and updated to expand functionality as your business grows. Our work doesn’t stop once the application has been developed, we will periodically update your software to include new security updates and hot-fixes based on your experience using the system. This way you can influence changes as your business evolves.

Database Design

Custom Database Design

Designing a new database to fulfil your requirements can be a complex task. Maximising efficiency and security require skilled developers with experience in deploying complex systems; luckily our in-house team are highly qualified and always available at short notice.

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