Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting

Our Managed Hosting solutions have been built from the ground up to provide the highest level of reliability.

We will work with you to design the hosting service your business needs. Whether it is a single server or a multi-tiered architecture delivered over multiple clustered servers; external SAN disk arrays with redundant IP load balancers with external and internal firewalls protecting your public and private data. All guaranteed by our mission critical and proactive 24/7 ongoing monitoring.

Gateway of Technology’s managed hosting solution will free up your own internal IT personnel and provide you with a variety of specialist skills that would not be cost-effective to have in-house. We provide a simple monthly rental plan, including the option for a ‘private cloud’, helping you manage your budgets more effectively.

Managed Hosting Data Centre

Key features of our Managed Hosting

  • 99.99% SLA (Service Level Agreement) on your servers, providing you with peace of mind.
  • Your service will be hosted in one of our ISO27001 data centres, one of the most secure data facilities in the UK.
  • Alerts are received by our engineering and support teams for any abnormal activity and, if required, we offer a 4 hour hardware replacement, ensuring that any problems that arise have minimum impact on your business.
  • All Managed Hosting customers have access to our dedicated support team 24/7.
  • All Managed Hosting customers have a range of hardware, bandwidth and operating systems to choose from.

If you would like more information or to speak to a staff member, please phone 0800 122 3051 or head over to our dedicated managed hosting forum for a quick chat.