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Telephone System Expansion Samsung

The Samsung OfficeServ 7000 series range has been especially designed to help you achieve the advanced telecommunication services you now require, all from a single IP platform. You can use the Samsung OfficeServ 7000 series to create telephony applications, secure data-communications infrastructure and policy-driven networks.

Benefits Of Samsung Telephone System

  • Powerful voicemail solution including large recording capacity and auto attendant features
  • Choice of cost effective digital and IP handsets from £60
  • Simply implemented remote IP working, (not ipsec vpn dependant)
  • Sip trunk ready
  • Mobex ready (mobile as an extension)
  • Voicemail to email
  • Fax to email

System Applications

OfficeServ Voice/Call Recording

A fully integrated plug-in module for the OfficeServ Call Reporting and Contact Centre range of products, which can record your ISDN30, ISDN2, SIP or Analogue trunks. By providing a complete management and call recording solution, which is contained and managed from a single work station or server, storing, finding, playback and archiving of calls is just a click away. Many types of organisations can benefit from using OfficeServ Voice Recording. In particular, there are obvious advantages for legal firms, insurance companies, call centres, public agencies, health centres/doctors surgeries and any FSA regulated company that is legally bound to record calls.

Samsung Xchange

Samsung Xchange connects your telephone to your office computer, making you more productive. When a call is received by your telephone, the callers telephone number (CLI) is displayed on your screen in a small, discreet, notification window. Samsung Xchange also connects to your companys CRM database/application and looks up the name of the caller in the database for you and displays it. This will allow you to know whos calling even before answering the phone.
You can also use the buttons on the notification window to answer the call, or to bring up the callers record in the CRM application, saving you valuable time during the call making you more productive and your customers happier. As well as popping inbound callers details, Samsung Xchange allows you to quickly and easily dial from your CRM application and search for contacts by name or location often in an easier way than is provided by the actual CRM application itself.

Officeserv Conference Bridge

The OfficeServ Conference Bridge provides a fully featured voice conferencing solution enhancing the in-built ad-hoc 5 party conference capability on the OS7000 range of systems. OS Conference Bridge is compatible with the OS7200S, OS7200 and OS7400 systems. Each module will support 24 conference channels, either in one conference or multiple smaller conferences. Conferences can be recorded with the on-board recording facility that has a recording capacity of 50 hours and also can record up to 6 conferences simultaneously.

Office Call Reporting

Samsung OfficeServ Call Reporting has been designed to offer organisations of any size, the ability to maximise the use of staff, telephony and IT resources. Using historical call statistics, extension, groups of extensions, DDI and trunk activity can be analysed to assess call traffic and users efficiency.

Officeserv Communicator

OS Communicator is an integrated communications application able to bring together voice, video and instant messaging communications. It also adds administration functions to allow you to personalise your handset. High end functionality scalable to your business. Get access to big system functions at a price to match your business size. OS Communicator provides benefits including the ability to dial direct from your Microsoft Outlook contacts list, to see a list of who has called you, who you have called, any missed calls and simple redial on any of the numbers.

OfficeServ Connect

Mobility is more about connectivity and being in contact, than it is about moving around on the phone. In today’s competitive business environment, being properly connected is more important than it’s ever been. Having the right information, being up to date with the facts and speaking to people when it matters makes all the difference. Old info is the wrong info and returning calls when it’s too late is pointless. Samsung Unified Communications solutions really deliver in bringing people and their methods of communication together and in contact with each other.

Samsung Contact Centre

Samsung Contact Centre is the next generation Call Center Application Server and has been developed to take advantage of the best of Open Source technologies to lower the cost of entry and ownership. It delivers a fully featured contact centre including IVR with self service options, ACD, comprehensive live and historical reporting; all integrated into the Ubigate and OfficeServ platform and Samsung management screens.
Samsung Contact Centre will provide targeted improvements to business by dramatically enhancing customer satisfaction, automating repetitive tasks and delivering real accountability in performance directly where it is needed.

OfficeServ Contact Centre Agent

Extending the informal call centre actively managing Informal or formal call centres can be difficult and time consuming. OfficeServ Contact Centre Agent extends the ACD functionality of the OfficeServ by bringing call centre and handset functions to the desktop. OfficeServ Contact Centre Agent comprises of 6 modules that can be selectively displayed on an agents desktop; Group View, Login, Dialer, Current calls, Call Preview, and Wallboard.

OfficeServ Contact Centre Reporting

OfficeServ Contact Centre Reporting extends the features of OfficeServ Call Reporting. Call Centre Agent Report is an ideal agent and call centre productivity reporting tool, providing up to the minute call information for each member of staff. Call activity for each agent, or group of agents, is represented using easily understood graphics and tables that highlight call trends. Agent performance can be analysed using any of the 15 comparison charts including: total talk time, calls this hour and average response times. Crucially, unanswered calls can also be identified in real-time by intelligent CLI (Calling Line Identity), enabling a rapid recovery of abandoned or lost calls.

OfficeServ Contact Centre Pro

Samsung OfficeServ Contact Centre Pro (CCP) is specifically tailored for mid sized organisations or corporate departments requiring a sophisticated customer interaction management solution for 10 to 100 agents. This server based application integrates with the OfficeServ 7000 range of communication systems, and is designed to enhance customer service levels, lower call abandonment rates, increase staff productivity and accountability.

OfficeServ EasySet

Every business needs to maximise the return on investment and utilisation of new resources, and your new Samsung OfficeServ solution is no exception. With an array of new and enhanced features and functionality at your disposal it is imperative that each user is able to control their own extension to meet their individual working patterns. Samsung has made ongoing extension management as simple as possible by developing OfficeServ EasySet an intuitive browser interface that allows each user to take command of their communications, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

OfficeServ Hospitality

Samsung have partnered with Tiger Communications plc, one of the most respected hospitality software companies in the UK and Europe, together we bring you OfficeServ Hospitality, the Premises Management Software suitable for any hospitality environment no matter how big or small. Samsung’s OfficeServ Hospitality is ideal for use as a standalone system for smaller care homes and sheltered accommodation. Alternatively for larger premises and campus requirements, it can be fully integrated with new or existing premises management systems or voicemail and messaging systems. It has been designed to be fully integrated into the Samsung OfficeServ 7000 series business communications platform, giving it some very unique features – and a higher level of integration than other ‘off the shelf’ solutions are able to provide. The full OfficeServ 7000 Series range runs from the OS7030, OS7100 and OS7200S, which are ideal for care homes or sheltered accommodation through to the OS7200 and OS7400, which are more suited to medium-sized or larger premises and campus requirements. It also supports both DECT and WiFi wireless handset options for workers such as nurses, carers, duty managers or security personnel who are constantly mobile around your premises. With an extensive selection of enhanced business applications, the Samsung OfficeServ Hospitality package is a scalable solution that can be tailored to meet your individual needs now, but with technology that makes sense for the future.


The OfficeServ IP-UMS truly unifies all your Voice Mail, Fax Mail and E-mail messages, making SMB more responsive, flexible and efficient. The OfficeServ IP-UMS voice processing and Unified Messaging application provides a unified messaging platform allowing employees to access any type of messages anytime, anywhere.

OfficeServ NurseCall

The integration of the nurse alarm system and the phone system provides a unified communications platform allowing the flexible delivery of urgent messages and alarms within the caring environment. This integrated approach significantly reduces capital costs by integrating communication networks as well as reducing the number of devices carers and mobile staff has to carry. The normal audit trail of alarms is maintained as the phone system intelligently communicates with the alarm system providing information on alarm answering and response. The OfficeServ NurseCall is currently fully compatible with Nurse Call systems from Courtney Thorne and Televic.

OfficeServ Operator

First impressions count so it is imperative that incoming calls are managed as effectively and professionally as possible by your Operators. That’s why Samsung has developed OfficeServ Operator, a PC based Console that makes handling high volume call traffic as smooth and efficient as possible, the image of your organisation. With the simplicity of point and click operation, OfficeServ Operator replaces traditional handset key and lamp working to offer each Operator extensive call handling functionality, vastly improving their day-to-day management of incoming call traffic. OfficeServ Operator offers users choice, allowing the more experienced operator to revert to keyboard operation without compromising functionality. Stand in or temporary operators can use drag & drop or follow the context sensitive prompts displayed at the top of the screen. Giving the operator visibility of caller ID and number dialled, making the personalised handling of calls for multiple businesses easy.

OfficeServ SoftPhone

The solution for mobile workers, even when you are far away you can still have the comfort and functionality of your office phone right there on your PC, Laptop or PDA. With the launch of the OfficeServ SoftPhone, Samsung Business Communications have made your business communications easier for the mobile workforce. The OfficeServ SoftPhone is a software application that works on your PC, Laptop or PDA that gives you a full system phone connected to the OfficeServ system back in your office. It works in the same way as a physical IP phone, and can be used at any location that has connectivity to the Internet. When the OfficeServ SoftPhone application is started it communicates across the IP network, normally this is the Internet, with your OfficeServ System in the office, the SoftPhone then connects to your office system as a normal IP extension with all of the features now available to you wherever you are. You will have full access to your, DDI calls, voicemail, Personal and system directories just as if you where in the office. All features that are available to you from your office phone are available in the same way on the SoftPhone. To make the SoftPhone suitable for a wide number of environments, the SoftPhone can be configured with several different skins, with various controls either hidden or displayed. There is also the option for a Add On Module (AOM) that can show 99 buttons, these can be configured as Busy Lamp Fields (BLF), feature access or speed dial access keys and are used in the same way as on a physical system phone. This allows you to configure the SoftPhone to have the minimum presence on your PC screen but with maximum functionality.

OfficeServ Voice Messaging

The OfficeServ Voice Messaging family (OSVM) offer a powerful choice of messaging solutions that are not only cost effective but can also deliver the benefits of voicemail and call processing to any working environment. The OfficeServ Voice Messaging is embedded into the OS7030, OS7100, OS7200S and provided on OS7200 and OS7400 as an optional module (SVMi-20), Providing 1 to 20 ports of voice messaging for the range of Samsung Communication systems. The OfficeServ Voicemail provides a cost effective call processing solution for busy working environments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Easy to use and manage, the OSVM can help your business reduce the number of missed or dropped calls, increase efficiency and improve the levels of customer service you provide. Administrator reports also allow you to view how effectively your investment is being utilised. For example OSVM can report how many messages each user has taken, or how many times an individual Auto Attendant option is chosen.


Your Samsung solution would not be complete without a handset, and again we have a range of options available, including IP, Wireless and Digital handsets.

To see the full range of handsets please visit our online shop to view and obtain product descriptions and order direct.

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