Intercom Systems

Intercom Security Systems

Intercom security systems with door entry control are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their criminal deterrent effect and low cost. As shared office space becomes more common so does the need for smart IT security systems. A door intercom can serve many businesses in one block or be used by individual companies to protect front line staff and provide logging functions enabling easy management of personnel.

Intercom security systems

Your intercom system can be combined with Video Door Entry Systems to give you ultimate control over your entry systems. From a safe place inside the office you can confirm the identity of the person at the door before exposing your teams to unnecessary risk. A high profile security system such as this also deters potential criminals.

The choice is as vast as the range of businesses these types of systems benefit, so our expert security installers are on hand to help you decide what will be best for you. Simply call us today to tell us about your requirements and we can design a system that meets your security standards and investment. Please phone during office hours on 01522 692263.