Telephone Systems

Telephone Systems

Modern business telephone systems are in their basic form a private branch exchange (PBX). They distribute your incoming and outgoing calls in a cost-effective and efficient manner. We plan office telecoms solutions for our customers carefully to meet each customers individual needs. We will look at how many lines you need. We will help you determine the functions you would like and keep your requirements within your available budget.

Have you ever wished you’d been able to record a call? Are you looking for a professional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to guide customers to the right person? Would you like to guarantee you will never miss that important call? Our telephone services can make all this a reality.

Business telephone system

Telephone systems that offer a complete solution for your business

We are often called out to sites for repairs or maintenance when a customer realises there’s a fault with their system. We believe that for the customer and their business this solution is too late. Taking out a maintenance contract with us will ensure that your telephone systems are working to their full capacity, keeping you and your customers happy.

If you’re a small business owner we might look at telephone solutions including VOIP Telephone Systems and SIP Phones Lines to keep costs low. Even if you have a large call centre we evaluate low-cost solutions that offer all the functionality you could ever need and we can install the telephone cabling too.

Below, you will find more information on telephone systems and phone solutions we supply. Every business’s telephone system needs are different, we will listen to your requirements and provide you with a custom quote, just fill in the form to the left and we will be in touch.

We offer comprehensive office telephone solutions including,

  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • IVR
  • Record a Call
  • Telephone Cabling
  • Telephone Services
  • Phone Solutions
  • Phone Services
  • Phone Lines
  • Audits

For more information on any of these either call us or fill in the form to the left.