IT & Networking

Business Network Setup

Networking is connecting telephones and/or computers together. It is the backbone of your unified communications. At its simplest, networking could be a router set up. At its most advanced, networking joins together many terminals across different sites.

You tell us what you want your IT to do. Our experts can then understand which system will be perfect for you. We help you decide on the best system and install everything so you have a fully functional IT Network. The choice in IT networks can be baffling so our advice will be simple with no geek speak.

Business network setup

Networking your communications together

Our network services cover all IT related cabling and wiring and technical installations. We offer a range of wireless systems. These are set up so they offer a secure working environment.

If you are having that, ‘help! It’s broke’ moment, call us. We love helping people. First we find out what’s going wrong and then we fix it. Fault finding in IT networks has many possibilities but one solution, a fully restored and working network.

These are just some ideas of how networking could benefit your business.

If you have a team who work away from the office then a remote desktop option could work for you. It can ensure your team always have what they need anywhere with an internet connection. This gives your team flexibility and saves time duplicating information when they are away from the office.

For larger teams being able to share information across an Intranet or Local Area Network can enhance productively. Sharing information and giving each member of the team access to one system will reduce duplication.

Dedicated servers give you more control over server software, can offer a better return on investment and are not shared with anyone else. Many larger companies choose this option to make their IT networks even more successful.