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Get a robust rock-solid platform for all your network devices to communicate over. 

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Ultra-reliable WiFi networks that work seamlessly across your entire premises.

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Cat5/Cat6 Cabling

From single sockets to full office cable rewires, all installed perfectly and to specification.

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Network Security

Strong network security that only allows you to get access and keeps everything else out.

From single network sockets to large scale wireless deployments

We have the expertise to take on both small and large wired and wireless networks. They’re all professionally installed, tested and conform to specification, giving you the peace of mind that your network will run fast, smooth and error free. We can configure all networks with the latest and most secure network devices and techniques to ensure the only people accessing it is you.

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We know that every business has different needs, so we provide quotes on an individual basis. If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Robust Wired Networks

    Scalable Equipment that works for you

    Get robust wired network equipment that not only use the latest technology and standards but is easily scalable to grow with your business. We can install all types of wired networking equipment from routers and gateway to switches and VPN devices. No matter what your requirements we have the experts on hand to help.

    Full control of your network

    One of the biggest problems with most networks is not knowing what’s happening on them and not being able to fix issues quickly enough. Our networks all come with centrally managed control panels giving you full view over what and who is exactly accessing it. This enables you to restore your network back to default quickly, resulting in little down time and smaller IT support costs.

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    Ultra-reliable roaming WiFi

    WiFi that works across your entire premises

    Our WiFi networks can be installed in simple setups like small offices or spread across multiple areas to cover your entire premises. This gives you one seamless WiFi network that flawlessly works on all your devices.

    Your network, fair for everyone

    The WiFi networks we install allow you to have complete control over bandwidth and access time. This gives you the ability to control who is allowed on your network and how much resources they can use. If you do get any abusive users you can easily block them from accessing it.

    Structured Network Cabling

    Single Sockets

    All network sockets we install are fitted using high quality solid core Ethernet cable. This will give you a reliable connection that will perform time and time again. All sockets are thoroughly tested and installed to specification.

    Full office data cable installs

    We can install, maintain, upgrade or tidy up data cabinets of all sizes. We only use high quality products in our data cabinets, which gives you a more reliable and longer lasting data network. Everything we install is fully tested to industry specification before we pass the job as complete.

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    Fortified Networks

    Strong security so only you're getting in

    Get your network secured and fortified with our security solutions. We can configure your network so only the right people and devices can access it and ensure it is protected against all common types of attacks at the same time.

    Easy access for remote workers

    Remote workers will find it easy to access your network with no complicated login processes involved. No matter where they are located, be it a café, airport or beach they can still connect securely and access company resources.