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Feature-rich Phone Systems

Get the latest handsets for your office with cutting-edge features built in.

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Unified Communications

Increase productivity and reduce costs by utilising collaborative tools and applications.

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On Premises and Cloud

Need an on-premises, cloud or hybrid phone system? We can provide you with the right phone system for your business.

On Hold Marketing

On Hold Marketing

Make your phone system work for you by utilising marketing on-hold.

We have the Phone System for you!

No matter what phone system you require, be it on-premise, cloud, or hybrid we can configure your system so it’s right for your business. We can supply you with office phones that are easy-to-use and featurerich. We can also configure on-hold marketing for your phone system so you target can increase sales to your business.

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Contact Us

We know that every business has different needs, so we provide quotes on an individual basis. If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Feature-rich Phone Systems

    Rock-solid modern phone systems

    We provide only the latest phone systems that are rock-solid, reliable and secure. We can install and maintain on-premise systems, move you over to a cloud system or configure your system so it works as a hybrid solution. We’ll make sure you get the right system for your business and ensure it will work for your future needs as well.

    Quality reliable handsets

    We have a whole range of business handsets to suit all needs. Whether you require an entry level handset or would like the latest high-end one with the Android OS built in we have the perfect option for you. We can even supply handsets that are capable of working with both on-premise and cloud-based phone systems, giving you a future proof system to work with.

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    Unified Communications

    Increase user productivity

    By integrating business communication tools into one platform you can increase user productivity, allowing users to be in touch with anyone at any time no matter where they are. Join conference calls in a coffee shop, check voicemail on the train or see who’s online with the user presence feature and direct calls to them.

    Reduce your costs

    Moving your communications to one unified platform will help your company reduce its yearly costs. Staff are able to use their own devices to access your business communications platform from any location, improving productivity.

    On-Premises and Cloud

    Same features on both platforms

    Both our cloud and on-premises platform have the same features built in. Applications and integrations such as video calling, chat functionality and CRM integration can help increase productivity and make life easier.

    Scalable with your growth

    Our phone systems can be scaled to handle the demand when your business grows. We can easily add new lines to our phone systems with minimal engineer time involved. Cloud systems have the ability to add new users quickly, easily and at a minimal cost.

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    Marketing On Hold

    Marketing On-Hold

    Increase Sales

    All throughout the day, businesses are placing people on hold whether that’s to be transferred to another person or waiting for the call to be picked up. Take advantage of this marketing opportunity to send effective messages and increase sales to your business.

    Out of Hours and Auto-Attendant

    Avoid lost sales when customers call after office hours by adding voice messages to your phone system. This will allow you to increase your sales even further and improve customer satisfaction. Add Auto-Attendant to your phone system to efficiently direct customers to the right extension.