Office Security Systems

Security for your business

Office security systems can help protect your business against the high cost of crime. The Police Recorded Crime figures in 2011 showed over 700 burglaries per day in buildings other than dwellings. (Source: Home Office) A Break-in will cost you lost revenue, lost stock and equipment and be traumatic for staff.

Security for your business

Security Systems

Installing a security system from Gateway of Technology can help to protect your business and give you peace of mind. By making it as difficult as possible for you to be targeted by criminals. Security experts list three main areas that need to be considered when taking security measures:

  • alarm systems
  • door and window security
  • CCTV

Our security experts will take into consideration your site environment and security level access requirements when planning your business’ personalized security. The plan will include options for an alarm system, door and window security and CCTV coverage.

Each business has different requirements and we believe that your security system should match your building and manpower too. You could consider what will happen if your alarm is activated: Will the alarm dial you or would you prefer it to contact the police or a security company direct? Our experts can advise you on choosing the right security system for your business and budget.

You will be surprised how affordable a door entry system can be, even a high spec one! We offer a range of systems from simple access panels to biometric entry systems which will protect the entry points to your business premises. Our intelligent IT security systems will help to protect the things that you work hard for.

CCTV’s offer peace of mind as they keep an eye on your property. But did you know they can be viewed remotely? You can now have a look around your property, wherever you happen to be, allowing you to view different parts of your premises without having to be onsite. CCTV is a great deterrent but if the worst should happen CCTV evidence can help the police to identify the criminals and hopefully prevent them repeating the offence.

You can do a number of things to help protect yourself. Take a look at our advice below:

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