The benefits of virtualisation, or cloud hosting, are both real and powerful. A virtualised platform delivers business agility and real business advantage. Allowing dynamic expansion as your business grows and you need more computing power. Dynamically expanding your computing resources means costs can be kept down and provide a service that can cope with infinite load.

However virtualisation is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. In the race to achieve cost savings, many companies in the past have not taken into account security, monitoring and management of their services and where to implement it. This is where we come in…

Gateway of Technology will work with you to provide a service that delivers cost savings without increasing the security exposure and delivering business agility without compromising quality of service.

Virtualisation diagram

Private Virtualisation Services

This is a dedicated solution providing you with a virtual service within a closed network behind your own dedicated firewall. Security is guaranteed as it is exclusive to you. This provides you with a more cost-effective solution to the traditional dedicated hosting environment and allows all your resources to be managed in a central point.


Some businesses prefer to maintain their mission critical applications within a Private Virtualisation Service and combine this with a shared virtualised platform for less critical applications.

Our service is specifically designed to:

  • Reduce the capital costs associated with technical refreshes
  • Maintain high availability and resilience for corporate solutions deployment
  • Keep costs down whilst ensuring business continuity
  • Provide a feature rich service that meets demanding customer environments
  • Deliver the flexibility you need in your infrastructure to deliver business agility

For further information and to talk about your requirements, please call 0800 122 3051 or visit our Virtualisation Forum.