Door Entry and Security

Door Entry and Security     Door Entry and Security

Door entry systems act as a deterrent to potential criminals, help to protect you, your staff and business and demonstrate a well-secured building.

Door entry systems can be used both externally and internally: externally – restricting access to your premises and internally – to prevent unauthorized access to areas within your business. Gateway of Technology can tailor your door system to meet your requirements but are most effective when combined with other security systems, such as CCTV.

The simplest system is a digital keypad entry with access gained through entering a combination into the keypad. This system allows for staffing changes as the combinations can be easily changed and your business will stay protected. And, no more worrying about collecting keys from departing staff! Furthermore, there are no key cutting costs to replace lost keys or for new staff.

Door Entry Security Systems

A video door entry system can be added to controlled entry premises helping to protect your staff from unwanted visitors. A simple security camera and monitor enable your staff to view visitors and then buzz them into the building and for larger premises, such as hospitals and schools, they can be installed on internal doors to protect restricted areas.

Smart Cars and Biometric Card Entry are the ultimate in access control. They allow precise control over who can go where and when. You are in total control of card permissions and these can be easily changed to suit you. Biometric cards can be integrated across the entry points, IT networks and barriers to secure your whole site.

Gateway of Technology are specialists in the supply and installation of controlled door entry and access systems for many different environments. For more information about the door entry system that’s right for you call our technicians. They will take your detailed requirements and select the most secure options for your investmentc