VoIP Telephone Systems

VoIP Telephone Systems

What is VoIP?

VOIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol or an internet phone.

Unlike landline phones this system uses an internet connection when you make or receive a call but is a much cheaper option. Calling online is as easy as using any smart phone and we can help to find which VOIP providers will offer you the best service.

VoIP Telephone Systems – the lower cost choice

For many people in business VOIP phone has one simple benefit, lower cost as well as being cheaper than traditional phone lines to set up. Call costs are reduced, maintenance and equipment costs are lower and cabling and wiring costs are lower. VoIP can also save you money on your mobile costs too as many VoIP providers offer a smartphone app for when you are on the go.

VoIP is a great alternative, with lower rates than traditional phone companies, for both business and home use and, providing you have a reasonably good quality internet connection, you can call online through VoIP instead of via a phone company.

VoIP phone systems

VOIP services allow you to have any area code in your number and answer or make a call anywhere in the world. So if you are expanding into a new location and don’t yet have an office there you can still have a local number making you a truly local business.

VOIP also gives you other benefits too; you can host or join conference calls, sharing files instantly while you chat and video call. This is especially useful for remote teams so they can feel like they are having face to face contact. VOIP lets you regain the lost body language that traditional phone conversations lose.

We are confident that if you use VOIP you will find it hard to go back. Call us today to find out more.