Broadband Connection Vouchers Scheme Nottingham

Broadband Connection Vouchers Scheme Nottingham


Government Grants to Boost your Broadband



Your business can get a connection Voucher of up to £3000 for faster, better business broadband through the Governments Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme.

The scheme has just become active in Nottingham from the 1st April 2015, after having been extended to 50 cities.

This scheme is funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Upgrading your broadband brings real business benefits. A better connection can help you to boost your bottom line by:

  • Increasing your profits by offering better services to more satisfied customers
  • Improving your customers’ experience with quicker, communication and faster file-sharing thanks to higher upload and download speeds, especially for large files
  • Reducing software and hardware costs by helping you switch to online data storage solutions
  • Enhancing the way you communicate and collaborate through online video conference and cloud-based information sharing
  • Future-proofing your business with the latest technology to meet your customers’ needs

Gateway of Technology supply FTTC and leased line business broadband, both of which can be part of the requirement for a Connection Voucher.


Who’s Eligible?


Broadband Connection Vouchers are available to Small or Medium Enterprises (SMEs) if:

  • Your business is within an eligible area one of the 22 cities taking part in the scheme now.Check your postcode to find out if you’re eligible
  • From 1 April the Connection Voucher Scheme will operate in 50 cities across the UK.
  • You are a SME, registered charity, social enterprise or sole trader
  • Installation of your new broadband connection will cost over £100
  • The connection is for your business premises. You can apply for a connection at home if this is your main work base, but this does not apply if you work from home occasionally
  • You are willing to sign up to a minimum 6 month contract with your broadband supplier
  • The broadband service you select delivers a speed or performance improvement on your current connection. There are some detailed requirements on speed that you should check before applying
  • You have not received more than around €200,000 in grants in the last 3 years

You can also take a look at the eligibility checker.

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