How Our Services Can Fix Your Communication Issues

Running a company can be tough to keep track of. We can help your business operate more smoothly by providing an easy-to-use converged communication system.

We provide modern VOIP and cloud phone systems, broadband and data links and can also combine your company’s mobile calls and mobile data into one bill. All using Vodafone or O2’s superfast and reliable network infrastructure.

Save overall costs by only having one bill for your Phone System, maintenance, mobiles and Microsoft applications, All bundled together and managed by ourselves.

Here are the problems that our team at Gateway of Technology can solve for you:


Are your communication systems up to date?

Outdated phone systems and slower data connections can slow you down and can even pose a security risk. Our state-of-the-art phone systems are flexible, fast and secure. Security updates are added regularly.

We can offer an extensive selection of VOIP handsets and devices at all price points. Featuring Android operating systems and remotely accessible configurations that can be managed via a dashboard, or managed by our team at Gateway Of Technology.

Struggling to keep in touch with your workforce?

We’ve all been there. As more and more people work from home, or your teams are spread across the country or the globe it can be hard to keep track of your people. If something has gone wrong or your customer needs help, and your remote workers’ home broadband goes down. Switch to our mobile connection on either Vodafone or O2 and keep in contact seamlessly via their DDI or via Microsoft Teams.

We can supply and install everything they need to be in touch, wherever they are, whenever they are.

Improve productivity

Looking to improve productivity or generate more business?

It’s not just a PBX system anymore. Our phone systems are full communication solutions. They integrate seamlessly with all your other communication and productivity tools. Furthermore, we can also provide bundle and support Microsoft 365 licenses onto the one bill for you.

Are you paying too much for your phone system?

Merging your communications into one unified platform will help your company reduce its annual costs.

We can supply your phone system and broadband connections. We can also control your usage within whatever budget you require, and through our bundles, give lower line rentals. Your employees can use their own devices (e.g., phones and tablets) to access your business communications platform from anywhere, greatly improving productivity.

Does your phone system have limited features?

It’s time to upgrade! With applications and integrations like video calling, chat functionality, and CRM integration, productivity can be enhanced, and staff members’ lives made that bit easier.

We do mobile integration too, with mobile connections at a range of price points to fit any worker or employee.

Is your business outgrowing its current solution?

As a business grows, so should its phone systems. Thankfully, our phone systems can be scaled up to handle demand when your business expands. Adding new lines to our phone systems is simple; we can do it with very little engineering time required.



Are you paying too much for maintenance on your phone system?

Make the change to a modern cloud-based phone system!

Our cloud-based phone systems require less maintenance. Unlike older technology like landline phones, our phones don’t require specialized hardware or infrastructure. We can also provide maintenance along with the installation of these solutions.

Optimise your leads and keep customers informed

You probably put a lot of people on hold throughout the day. This is a great marketing opportunity to send messages and advertise your services to prospective customers.

Missing Out on Sales During Out-of-Office Hours?

With our bespoke solutions, you can even increase sales when you aren’t working!

Avoid lost sales when customers call outside of office hours by adding voice messages to your phone system and mobile connections. Voicemails and messages can be emailed or picked up from the app whenever, so they don’t need to be left till the next day. Furthermore, if you have offices across different countries, calls can be rerouted with a single tap on a phone or tablet.

We also provide Microsoft 365 and Teams with our exclusive bundles.

Flexibility with Cloud

Experience increased flexibility with our cloud systems. You can enable seamless hybrid or fully remote working environments no matter where you are.

Our cloud-based systems allow workers to look like they are in the office when they can’t be. Either by a full VOIP handset at home, or via the app on Android and IOS, never miss another sales lead, or customer query again.

Stay Connected On-the-Go

Whether you’re at a coffee shop, or on the train your workers can stay seamlessly connected to the business. We can offer managed VPNs and secure mobile broadband directly to your LAN to prevent hacking or spoofing.

With the closure of the analogue phone network, we can upgrade your sites to full VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which features WIFI or wired phones connected by your choice of connection. This includes.

  • SOGEA broadband
  • Leased Line
  • Fibre
  • 4g or 5g (Depending on geographical location)
  • SIP Trunking


Learn more about our specialist phone systems for businesses here.

Contact a member of our team at 01522 692263 to start improving your business communication.