LG Telephone Systems


With more than 10 years trading history in the UK, LG telephone systems are well known for boasting features normally only available on much larger systems, making the LG phone system a flexible, cost-effective and affordable option to small to mid-sized businesses.

Features include PC-based call recording, computer-based telephony, remote worker applications and many more. For more information and a full breakdown of available applications, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Benefits of LG Telephone System

  • Fully distributed architecture
  • Call fail-over to local PSTN while loosing master connection (WAN)
  • Remote gateway installation
  • Mobile extension enhancement
  • Multi party voice/video conference with more parties
  • SMS sending and responding
  • UC integration (Optional)

Available Systems

Model Extensions Trunk
LG Aria SoHo 8 3 Yes No No LG Aria SoHo PDF
LG ipLDK20 24 8 Yes Yes Yes LG ipLDK20 PDF
LG ipLDK20 24 8 Yes Yes Yes LG ipLDK20 PDF
LG ipLDK50 24 8 Yes Yes Yes LG ipLDK50 PDF
LG ipLDK100 96 40 Yes Yes Yes LG ipLDK100 PDF
LG ipLDK300 / 300E 288 192 Yes Yes Yes LG ipLDK100 PDF
LG IPECS 50 40 4 Yes Yes Yes LG IPECS 50 PDF
LG IPECS 100 70 42 Yes Yes Yes LG IPECS 100 PDF
LG IPECS 300 300 200 Yes Yes Yes LG IPECS 300 PDF
LG IPECS 600 600 400 Yes Yes Yes LG IPECS 600 PDF

System Applications


Phontage PC based proprietary telephone SoftPhone turns your PC or laptop computer into a complete IP terminal with convenient additional features. It provides the same IP Keyset operations and features as LIP-24DH with complete keypad compatibility. Its additional features such as Phone Book, Call Log, Scheduled Dial, SMS and other interesting features will make it an essential communication assistant for your business.LG Phontage PDF


Ez-Phone Entry is a TAPI compatible mini contact center solution working on the standard TAPI interface.LG Ez Phone PDF


Ez-Attendant is a software application designed to enhance the attendant feature by visualising the Attendant call handling and control functions. ez-Attendant works in conjunction with the Attendants IP phone providing enhanced attendant feature and efficiency. The user interfaces with the ez-Attendant screen, using the mouse (point and click) or programmable hot Keys to select features and functions available. A pop-up Incoming Call window notifies the user of incoming calls while working with other software applications.LG Ez Attendant PDF

ipLDK Call Recording Software

ipLDK’s optional integrated Call Recording is an application that allows users to record important telephone conversations onto their PC. Callers information can be added for easy future reference. On-demand Call Recording has never been so cost effective and easy to use.

Other Telephone Systems